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As a specialist marketing agency working in life science, our team is fluent in the languages of science and business.

We combine PhD level knowledge with decades of marketing experience to develop integrated programmes that deliver results for life science companies.

We aim to provide life science companies with marketing support that delivers additional expertise where needed and relieves the stress of internal marketing teams through proactive programs that produce results.

With an inherent and in-depth knowledge of both science and business, we communicate effectively with every stakeholder. We turn technical knowledge and insight into creative and inspiring messages that resonate with customers and drive action.

Telling your story comes naturally to us — it’s in our genes. Contact us now, and let’s set about telling yours.

Contract manufacturer of biologics for immunodiagnostic, bio-pharmaceutical and environmental biotechnology applications. Contract RD; creation, development and optimisation of cell lines; process development and validation; production and purification of proteins (milligram to multi-gram quantities)to enable characterisation, pre-clinical testing, and scale-up for clinical trials.. Specialist in hybridoma technology and production/purification of monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins from mammalian cell lines. . . Development of bioassays for environmental monitoring. Microbial and monoclonal antibody-based bioassays for identifying pathogens and determining toxicity of wastewater and groundwater.. . Technologies: Hollowfibre bioreactors; spinner/roller culture; stirred vessel bioreactors; Affinity, ion-exchange and size exclusion chromatography.

Biosynth's mission is to supply critical raw materials and services to the pharmaceutical and diagnostic industries, striving to de-risk its customers' supply chains. With an unrivalled research product portfolio of over a million products and end-to-end manufacturing services, we are science-led and customer-focused on solving problems, taking pride in delivering products and projects that others cannot. Our expertise and capability runs across Chemicals, Peptides and Key Biologics all from one trusted partner

BIO members are involved in the research and development of innovative healthcare, agricultural, industrial and environmental biotechnology technologies. Corporate members range from entrepreneurial companies developing a first product to Fortune 100 multinationals. We also represent state and regional biotech associations, service providers to the industry and academic centers. Visit the BIO Member Directory to browse BIO members and Web site links as well as BIO state and international affiliates.. . Member services include: . * Federal and state advocacy on issues affecting the industry . * A dozen or more investor and partnering meetings throughout the year, with discounts for members . * Communications services that disseminate information about the benefits of biotechnology . * BIO Business Solutions discounts for a variety of goods and services . . Specific issues may have changed over the years, but our core mission of fostering biotechnology innovation through advocacy, business development and communications remains the same. . . BIO produces the annual BIO International Convention, the world's largest gathering of the biotechnology industry. The BIO International Convention attracts more than 20,000 attendees from around the world including more than 500 members of the international press. Convention attendees hear from global biotechnology leaders, learn about the latest biotech innovations and network with their peers from established and emerging biotech companies, research institutions, service providers and biotech hubs.. . BIO also produces a series of industry-leading investor and partnering meetings held around the world.

BioZen's mission is to transform the lives of people with endocrine disorders. Starting with gynecomastia, a common condition where males grow painful breasts, we want to prevent men from stopping life-saving cancer therapy and save boys from the stigma. We are developing the world’s first approved, safe, cost-effective, disruptive, and scalable medical cure.

Founded in 2016 by Dr Mark Kotter, bit bio (formerly Elpis Biomed) is an award-winning spinout from the University of Cambridge. By applying an engineering approach to synthetic and stem cell biology, Mark and his team have developed proprietary technologies for the efficient and consistent reprogramming of human cells used in research, drug discovery, and cell therapy.

‘bit bio’ represents the two fields — coding and biology — that determine the Identity of every human cell. Ultimately, bits are the building blocks of code, just as cells are the building blocks of life. This is reflective of what bit bio does: precise reprogramming of human stem cells.

Our mission and focus are to enable a new generation of therapies through democratising access to consistent and functional human cells. This will improve research and drug discovery, lower the cost and extend the application of cell therapies.

BMG LABTECH's modular and fully upgradeable microplate reading systems include a range of features such as 65°C incubation, fully integrated O2/CO2 atmospheric control and ultrafast UV/Vis spectrometer based absorbance. BMG’s instruments offer fluorescence,(including FP), absorbance (including the low UV range),and both glow-and flash luminescence. Uniquely the nephelometer measures light scatter perfect for solubility studies. These instruments provide the highest sensitivity, flexibility and reliability and are designed to be easily integrated into automated systems for HTS assays. All BMG’s readers are supported by a team of engineers, scientists, and technicians dedicated to bringing you high-quality products of exceptional value and performance.


BOC Cryospeed is the UK and Ireland's most reliable and flexible supplier of mini-bulk liquid gases to support science. Cryospeed delivers liquid nitrogen, argon, oxygen and carbon dioxide. BOC is the UK’s largest supplier of speciality gases and equipment and has an unrivalled supply of gases and products to suit any application, plus many more that can be customised to match your requirements: Ecocyl, a unique portable package designed to meet requirements of low gas usage; a database of over 25000 individual gas product recipes. We can also customise products to your specification; gas control equipment.

Boult Wade Tennant is a specialist patent and trade mark firm. We exist to help individuals and businesses protect, manage and enforce intellectual property rights on a global scale. Our aim is simple – we aim to work with our clients, not just for them. This means that we place emphasis on the quality of our work and on the quality of the service we provide. Our award-winning approach is down-to-earth and jargon-free. Our attorneys are renowned for providing a service that is focused and aligned with our clients' commercial objectives. We are committed to helping our clients succeed.