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Thermo Fisher Scientific supplies innovative solutions for the world’s pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries. With applications that span the drug development process – from drug discovery through large-scale commercial production – we provide a broad range of products and services including single-use technologies, customized fluid transfer systems, high-quality media and sera, freezing and storage equipment, and innovative consumables and reagents, purification, and analytics.

tranScrip is a leading life sciences consultancy that provides specialist support to pharma and biotech companies in the development and lifecycle of medicines.

We bring innovative solutions to clients’ global drug development needs. We guide our clients through their decision making from first in man studies to proof of concept and pivotal trials, regulatory submissions and product launches.

Our expert teams of physicians, scientists and regulatory experts, help clients select the most promising drug candidates and bring them to the market. We deliver both strategic leadership and operational execution of development programmes, covering clinical, regulatory, drug safety and commercial elements, from translational medicine through to registration and post licencing.

In the last decade, tranScrip has supported over 250 clients and has been integral to many development programmes and regulatory submissions, bringing products to the market each year across a wide range of therapeutic areas.

TranSINE Therapeutics is a new, seed-stage company focused on the development of novel RNA therapeutics for the treatment of rare disease.

Trident BioPharm Solutions is a boutique life science consultancy
engaged in helping biopharm organizations create enterprise value, increase efficiencies, and reduce time to market.

TTP is an independent technology company where scientists and engineers collaborate to invent, design and develop new products and technologies. With a 30-year history of invention, our multidisciplinary teams are able to deliver across the scope of a project, from research through to ideas, design, engineering and manufacture.

TTP’s state-of-the-art technical facilities are part of Europe's largest technology hub in Cambridge, UK. Here, we work across a wide spectrum of industries - including health, telecoms, industrials and consumer - to create breakthrough solutions that bring strong commercial value to clients and the benefits of technology to all.
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Occupying a prominent position within Cambridge Science Park, TusPark Cambridge serves High Technology companies through its facilities and networks.
Watch our Member Showcase Video . General Information. Public Health England. Porton Down. SP4 0JG Salisbury. United Kingdom. . Founded 2013. 5000 employees (worldwide) . . Public Health England is the national agency for protecting and improving the nation’s health and wellbeing and tackling health inequalities so that the poorest and most poorly benefit most. . . PHE will provide professional, scientific and delivery expertise to support both local authorities and NHS organisations to promote improvements in protecting and improving the nation’s health and wellbeing. . . It will do this through advocacy; application of knowledge, evidence and insight; transparent reporting of outcomes; delivery of a nationwide health protection service; and nurturing of the public health system and workforce. . . As a new Executive Agency of the UK Department of Health, Public Health England combines the specialist microbiology, diagnostics, research, manufacturing and emergency preparedness and response capabilities of the former Health Protection Agency with expertise in cancer and other aspects of health improvement and intelligence.. Public Health England will be the authoritative national voice and expert service provider for public health and will continue to work with academic, government and commercial partners to research, develop and evaluate new healthcare interventions. . Biotechnology - Therapeutics and Diagnostics. Other. Anti-infectives. Antibodies. Biosimilars. Cell therapy. Drug delivery. Gene therapy. Diseases of the blood and blood-forming organs; immune disorders. . Summary . Responsible for; . leading England’s field epidemiology service. leading Public Health England’s emergency preparedness, resilience and response capabilities. leading England’s health protection service and providing specified services for the devolved administrations. providing expert advice to inform government policy on immunisation programmes. National leadership of the immunisation programme, infectious disease public health and the pandemic flu preparedness response. supporting the development and delivery of high-quality, effective, evidence- based prevention programmes. using new technologies, including digital and social media, to engage and empower individuals, communities and our partners about health and wellbeing. building capacity in areas where we want to make swift progress - including public mental health, population healthcare, accidents injuries and violence. working with diverse partners to encourage settings-based approaches to health and wellbeing, in addition to promoting health across the lifespan. integrating insights from behavioural science to improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and acceptability of our programmes. . Partnering strategy/collaborations. Engaging with organisations where the outcome will have the potential for much improved health economics. Global challenges and opportunities. Opportunities to influence health and wellbeing at the population level – health marketing, vaccination, infection control, environment. Technology tools: diagnostics, modelling, personalised medicine, psychosocial marketing, big data, e-learning, vaccines, omics. Looking to work with organisations where the outcome will lead to:. . Economic value of intellectual property. Speciality GMP manufacture. Process development. In vivo and in vitro models and assays. Epidemiology. Serology. Speciality drug discovery. Ability to work with infectious agents. Culture collections and cell culture services. Evaluation of kits, equipment, decontamination protocols. Development of new diagnostics. . Client portfolio. looking to work with SMEs Acedima and large multinational companies on potential benificial programes for the improvement of Health and wellbeing of the population. . Corporate Highlights. . FDA approval for Erwinase Nov 2012. Major US contract with Nanobio.