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The United Kingdom Science Park Association has been supporting science park development since 1984, and now has around 80 science parks, technology parks and innovation-led incubators in membership. Our Members accommodate over 3000 companies who employ around 70,000 highly qualified staff, and turnover in the region of £5.5 bn pa. The Association organises three membership events each year and periodic annual conferences, and supports its membership by ensuring communication between parks is effective, as well as lobbying on behalf of our members and their tenant companies. UKSPA produces a range of information services, such as a monthly e-newsletter and a quarterly magazine.

United Airlines offers comprehensive access to the USA from four UK airports, and onward connections to over 280 destinations across the Americas. Whether it is Manhattan and Miami or Las Vegas and Los Angeles, the vast United network is perfect for business travel. Any you won't just arrive at your destination: you will arrive refreshed, thanks to our high levels of inflight comfort and personal service. From three course meals in United Economy® to 180 degree flat beds in United Polaris Business Class, air travel is a pleasure.

Extraordinary advances in the life sciences have great potential to improve our quality of life through better medicines and a cleaner environment. Biochemical Engineering provides the foundations for translating such exciting new discoveries into products and processes for improved health and wealth creation. . . At UCL, we offer education for undergraduates, postgraduates and industry professionals in our top-ranked department. Staff are engaged in cutting-edge research, both within the Department and as part of a number of European and international collaborations. In the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise 75% of Academic Staff were rated as World Leading or Internationally Excellent.

We provide an informed entry point into the University for companies, and can help potential partners define their interests, find the appropriate academic expertise, and identify opportunities for collaboration. We support the development of relationships between academics and industry, whether these are major multi-faceted collaborations with global companies or simply finding experts for specific one-off projects.. . RSD can identify opportunities for collaboration between business and academics and negotiate research contracts in exciting interdisciplinary areas, such as computational biology, nanoscience, energy and the environment.. . We work closely with University Departments that offer licences for intellectual property, graduate recruitment and executive education.. . We also coordinate the Corporate Liaison Programme, which enables companies to work with the University of Cambridge.. . Our team of Partnership Development Managers helps companies to navigate the University and build mutually beneficial relationships. For more information on working with the University in specialist industry sectors, email Dr Karen Smith or Mr Richard Reschen

Essex is the number two university in the UK for the number of Innovate UK-funded projects, and ranks as the leading university in the East of England and London for leveraging R&D grant funding, to collaborate with businesses helping them to drive innovation, improve productivity and ultimately grow.

The university has expertise in the research areas of protein structure and the mechanisms of disease working to establish the link between structure and the physiological function of proteins with research spanning from individual atoms and isolated molecules to cellular biology approaches including pre-clinical models of cancer and immunology. Further fields of expertise are in genetics and computational biology with particular strengths in epigenetics and chromatin structure.

ValiRx Plc is a biopharmaceutical company developing novel technologies and products in oncology therapeutics and diagnostics. The product focus is in the epigenomic analysis and treatment of cancer, but the technologies can be applied to other fields as well, such as neurology and inflammatory diseases.. . The ValiRx management team comprises a mix of entrepreneurial scientists who are founders of a number of medical life sciences companies and industry-specific personnel, all with extensive experience in transferring technologies and products into the commercial arena to generate revenue and growth of shareholder value.
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Patients with cancers of unmet need are faced with limited treatment options and poor 5-year survival rates despite continuing advances in cancer research. Varsity partners with leading oncology academics in Cambridge, and globally, to identify new targets to address drug resistance and develop new small molecule therapies. Our mission is to develop novel treatments that can be used in combination with first-line therapies to improve survival outcomes and the quality of life for cancer patients.